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Quick Cash Pawn offers high quality services to our customers.

Pawning - If you are in need of cash and have an unwanted item of value, you can pawn it and get the money you need. Simply take the item to any Quick Cash Pawn location, present it to a customer service representative and tell them that you want to pawn it. The item's value will be assessed and the amount it can be pawned for is provided. The item will be held in pawn for 90 days. Before the 90 days is up, you can pay back the money in full to get your item back or you can just pay the interest every 30 days in order to keep it in pawn. If you do not want the item back, you don't need to do anything and the item will be taken out of pawn and sold in the showroom.

Selling - If you are in need of money and simply want to sell your item for its current value, we can help. Simply bring your unwanted item to your local Quick Cash Pawn location, present it to the customer service representative and tell them you want to sell it. The item's value will be assessed and the amount we can buy it for will be provided. It is up to you whether or not you want to sell it for that price, but be assured you will be offered a fair amount. After you agree to the price and present the item, you will be paid.

Selling Gold - If you have unwanted gold, silver or platinum jewelry, we will pay you top dollar for it. Quick Cash Pawn has specialized in buying precious metals for over 20 years. We will buy your jewelry and pay you cash no matter what the condition your jewelry is in. We accept old class rings, tangled chains, broken bracelets, unmatched earrings, rings with missing stones and more. The value of your jewelry will be assessed on the spot and you will be paid cash for it in minutes.

Buying - If you are just interested in getting a great deal on quality items, Quick Cash Pawn is the place to shop. We have the same items you'd find in other retail stores, just gently used or often brand new at much lower prices. Browse through our jewelry cases for gold and silver necklaces, bracelets, rings, watches, charms, coins and more. Our large firearm selection is very popular. We have quality brand name guns at discount prices, but please keep in mind you must have a valid firearm license in order to purchase a gun from Quick Cash Pawn. We carry electronics including digital cameras, video cameras, TVs, sound systems, gaming systems and much more. Quick Cash also has various power tools for sale at great prices.

Check Cashing - If you have a check you need to cash, bring it to Quick Cash Pawn. Give your check to customer service representative, tell them you want it cashed and receive money instantly.

Types of Items We Buy and Sell:




   Laptop/Desktop Computers
   Home and Car Sound Systems
   Video Cameras
   Digital Cameras
   Gaming Systems

Music Equipment:

   Acoustic Guitars
   Electronic Guitars
   Drum sets


   Power Tools
   DVD's and CD's
   Playstation, Xbox, PSP, DS Games